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Blue Laguna Inn Karimun

Blue Laguna Inn Karimun Java Island

About Karimun Java Island:
Karimunjawa is and island chain stretching in a northwesterly direction 83 km from Jepara. Central Java. This archipelago is a cluster of 27 islands in the java sea. Only seven of the islands are inhabited. The reefs are a mixture of fringing, barrier, and patch with bottom depths ranging from 15 to 40 meters.
Stands from 27 islands, this mini archipelago became marine national park and it's like a treasure for those who love marine life. Here can be found protected coral reefs (very colorful plateaus and plains in deep and shallow waters), secluded and tranquil white beaches, pelican and hornbill, sea grass and kinds of sea creatures, from crabs, anchovy, starfish, sharks, stingray, jellyfish, red snappers, etc.
Around Kemujan island, the wreck of the Panamanian ship “Indono”, which sank to the sea bed in 1955, is now a habitat of coral fish and is a popular site for wreck diving.
Interesting locations/attractions:
Menjangan Kecil, Menjangan Besar, Tanjung Gelam, Legon Lele, Genting, Kembar, Parang, Cemara and Krakal Islands: marine tourism (sailing, surfing, water skiing, swimming, sunbathing on white sand beaches, diving/snorkelling), camping, cultural visits, deer and bird observation.
Bengkoang and Kemujan Islands: camping and wreck diving.
Bukit Bendera, Bukit Gajah and Legon Goprak: tracking and marine tours.
How to reach the island: Semarang-Jepara, about 1.5 hour by car (100 km), then Jepara (Kartini Harbour)-Karimunjawa, about 5 hours by ferry (twice a week), Semarang - Karimun Harbour in 3.5 hours by speed boat Kartini or Semarang (Achmad Yani Airport)-Kemujan Island by plane (once a week).
The beauty of Karimun Java Island is making the holiday destination you should have on your holiday.

About Blue Laguna Inn:
Blue Laguna Inn have 5 air conditioned rooms with televisions. With the access directly to the sea, it allows you to enjoy the panorama of the sea beauty and local activity.
It is the right destination to have peace of mind and to unwind with our routines.
Rates: Rp.200.000/ night including breakfast for 2 persons.
Extra Bed Rp. 75.000
Please contact us for the booking.

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